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The Intersection is a safe place where the needs of the tech community meet the opportunities of understanding mental health.

I have had the opportunity in my life to have amazing experiences. I’ve flown, I’ve flailed, and I’ve failed. All of these things will happen to us all, but they will affect us differently.

My goal with this site, and the services I offer, is to help people, help companies, be safer and look after their people. Like many things, small changes and differences can have major impacts. It’s easy to overthink things.

So, I am building out content and engagement options that I believe in. I have enduring principles on how I will do this:

  1. Be nice. There’s no reason not to be.
  2. Be affordable. I’m here for the experience and the journey.
  3. Be helpful. If I can’t help, I’ll say so.

If I can help, please ask, I’ve been lucky to accumulate knowledge and experiences and if I can apply that for your benefit, let’s do it!

Let’s be awesome.