Below you can find more information on how I can help you. I have enduring principles on how I will do this:

  1. Be nice. There’s no reason not to be.
  2. Be affordable. I’m here for the experience and the journey.
  3. Be helpful. If I can’t help, I’ll say so.

Note that a) I am not a lawyer b) I am not a health professional and c) I offer advice and guidance and aim to help you be successful.

Guidance Session

What’s this you ask? Well, there are many aspects of your work life that might be causing you stress or uncertainty. This session is a video call (or audio if that’s more comfortable for you) where you can safely ask for help.

What can we talk about? Anything work related that’s on your mind … performance review time, challenging manager conversations, anxiety on how to progress your career or a project …

Sessions are 25 minutes for $10, and include the call and follow up text based messaging on the topic we discussed.

Why are they $10? For two reasons really … one is that a small investment shows that you are committed to the topic, and the other is that while I aim to provide a lot of assistance in freely available content, spending in-person time does have a cost. I’m not making bang here, it’s covering the expenses, and also blocking the spammers :)

If you need some help and guidance, sign up!

Speaking Engagement

I also do speaking engagements, from joining your team meeting or All Hands through to events and custom presentations.

Joining for a session up to 60 minutes is a flat rate of $100. Custom presentations are flat rate by agreement. You can request by contacting me. (Please note non-profits and educational organizations are free).

Let’s Be Awesome.